These are the best places to live in the UK in 2022 (2023)

Where is the best place to live in the UK? We all have our reasons for wanting to relocate but if you're looking for the best new place to call home in 2022, you should head to Ilkley in West Yorkshire, according to the 2022 Sunday Times Best Places to Live report.

Essentially, when it comes to moving house it depends on what your priorities are. Are you looking to move to a place that is better for your health and the environment, or an area with better employment opportunities or just somewhere with faster broadband?

Now in its 10th year, the Sunday Times Best Places to Live celebrates the best towns in the UK to live in, whether you're a renter, first-time buyer or home mover.

'When it comes to choosing a home, certain things always appeal — friendly communities, green spaces, rich history and thriving independent businesses, to name a few,' says Russell Galley, managing director at Halifax, who have partnered with Sunday Times to provide an average house price for every location.

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As the report claims, 'this is a list of the best places, not the best-value places, and there is a necessary premium to be paid for certain addresses'.

Sunday Times Best Places to Live 2022 report

Ilkley in West Yorkshire has been crowned the best place to live in the UK, according to the 2022 Sunday Times guide.

Why did it win? With top-class schools, a buzzing high street and breathtaking views, this spa town, spread at the foot of Ilkley Moor, offers everything you need if you want a magical combination of convenience, countryside and community — without a car.

'The judges were impressed by its sports clubs and the opportunities they offer to young people, and by the energetic community spirit — volunteering is a big part of local life and the cinema and marketplace were both launched by residents,' the report explains.

TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh grew up in the town, and although he now lives in Hampshire, he remains one of Ilkley's keenest ambassadors. 'The scenery is beautiful,' Alan tells Sunday Times. 'It has a lovely town centre, and it's a town with a heart too. Whenever I visit, I always go straight up the moor, look down at the town and whisper, "I'm back."'

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Key stats:

• The average house price in Ilkley is £428,000, a 13 per cent growth since 2020 (cc: Halifax using Land Registry data)

• Best location? Across the river to Middleton, detached houses in Langbar Road, Curly Hill or Nesfield Road fetch at least £1 million. In town, old stone detached homes on Grove Road go for £1.5 million. For something cheaper, the terraced houses in Ben Rhydding costs about £350,000.

• There are direct trains to Leeds (from 29 minutes) and Bradford (from 30 minutes).

• If you're looking to explore the Yorkshire Dales, it's all about getting around on two wheels. The cycle club has more than 240 routes on its website.

• The high street has everything you want and it's on the doorstep, including two supermarkets — Tesco and Booths — chemists, and Lishman's butcher.

• Three of the five primaries are outstanding, according to Ofsted — All Saints, Ashlands and Sacred Heart.

• Environmental credentials: there's an electric cargo bike hire scheme, and the council has pledged to hit net zero by 2030.

• Broadband: Gigabit speeds are available from Virgin Media and there is plenty of superfast broadband to give a wider choice of service providers.

• Events: there's a jam-packed social calendar including the May carnival parade, the June tennis tournament, plus Pride in July, and a literary festival in October.

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The best places to live in the UK in 2022 - full list

While Ilkley is the overall winner, Sunday Times also produced a regional breakdown of the best places to live. These are the winners:

The East

Norwich, Norfolk: 'Writers, students and Avengers all assemble in this welcoming medieval city with a millennial vibe.'


• Crystal Palace: 'Family fun and a hint of underground culture are taking this lofty southern suburb to new heights.'

Mid-market house price: £526,000

Read more: top 6 best places to live in London

These are the best places to live in the UK in 2022 (4)

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Uppingham, Rutland: 'A discerning market town with art, heart and smarts — plus the magnificent Rutland Water.'

Mid-market house price: £377,000

North and Northeast

Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire: 'There's a dash of entrepreneurial spirit and a splash of cool in this canal-side mill village.'

Mid-market house price: £199,000

Northern Ireland

Ballycastle, Co Antrim: 'Forget Game of Thrones — this fishing village's recipe of coast, country and fantastic food makes for a peaceful and friendly community.'

Mid-market house price: £169,000

These are the best places to live in the UK in 2022 (5)

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Trawden, Lancashire: 'You can rely on this community-spirited village to save the day — and the shop, and the library, and the pub...'

Mid-market house price: £186,000


Isle of Bute, Argyll: 'It's island life, but not as you know it, with strong spirits (oyster gin, anyone?) — and Glasgow only 90 minutes away.'

Mid-market house price: £155,000


Sevenoaks, Kent: 'Rural yet connected, you're never far from an avocado, a chichi shop or a stand-out school.'

Mid-market house price: £685,000


• Chalke Valley, Wiltshire: 'From the views to the volunteering, you'll have a blast in the past in these charming villages.'

Mid-market house price: £655,000


Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire: 'This colourful and characterful corner of west Wales is remote but still luxurious.'

Mid-market house price: £251,000.

And finally... who missed out?

These are the best places to live in the UK in 2022 (7)

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There are several surprise omissions this year. Overheated housing markets mean former winners York and Winchester, along with Cambridge, do not feature. And for the first time, there's no place for Edinburgh due to 'ruinous house prices, an Airbnb habit and an increasingly corporate atmosphere'.

Elsewhere, Central Manchester misses out due to a 'surfeit of luxury investment flats, and the fact that much of it looks like a building site'.

And there's no place for Cornwall this year 'because its property market already has enough issues caused by incomers and second-homers'.

It's also been noted that Stamford, Knutsford, Bollington and Narberth would all make worthy inclusions bit miss out after several years on the list because 'of the need to champion new communities'.

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      Where is the best place to live in the UK 2022? ›

      Ilkley in West Yorkshire has been crowned the best place to live in the UK, according to the 2022 Sunday Times guide.

      What is the best place in the UK to live? ›

      What are the best places to live and work in the UK?
      • Sunderland 1.
      • Leeds 2.
      • Aberdeen 3.
      • Milton Keynes 4.
      • Liverpool 5.
      • Derby 6.
      • Swindon 7.
      • Leicester 8.

      Where is the most friendly place to live in the UK? ›

      1. Glasgow. A port city on Scotland's River Clyde, Glasgow has spent its lifetime often being overlooked in favour of its sibling, Edinburgh, but, this year, with the accolade of the UK's friendliest city bestowed upon it, it's earned itself the well-deserved top slot.

      Why UK is the best place to live? ›

      Not only is the cost of living in the UK significantly cheaper outside the capital, but you'll also be much closer to all that sumptuous British countryside. You'll also be able to experience some of the many charming UK towns and cities, each with their own unique energy and personality.

      Where is the safest place to live in the UK 2022? ›

      No 1. East Hertfordshire. The picturesque historic town of East Hertfordshire is crowned the best place to live in the UK. Boasting “high life expectancy, high average earnings and reports of excellent health and happiness scores from locals.” , the high ranking comes as no surprise.

      Where is the best place to live right now? ›

      Its 2022 ranking for the best places to live looked at five metrics: job market, value, quality of life, desirability, and net migration. The best place to live in America is Huntsville, Alabama, followed by Colorado Springs, Colorado.

      Which city in UK has more job opportunities 2022? ›

      The results are now in from our Startups Cities Index, and we can confirm that Sheffield is officially the best place for work in the UK in 2022.

      Is UK good place to live? ›

      The pros of living in England include: affordable healthcare, easy access to Europe and a diverse culture. The cons of living in England are that the country is expensive and there's not much work for those who don't speak English.

      Which is the best city to live in? ›

      The 2021 Monocle Survey determined the world's most livable city was Copenhagen, followed by Zurich, Helsinki and Stockholm.

      Where is the best place to move to start over? ›

      Fresh Start: 10 Best Cities to Move to Start a New Life
      • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anyone looking for a fresh start will find a kindred spirit in Pittsburgh itself. ...
      • Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. ...
      • Salt Lake City, Utah. ...
      • Jacksonville, Florida. ...
      • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. ...
      • Cleveland, Ohio. ...
      • Denver, Colorado. ...
      • Nashville, Tennessee.
      7 Jan 2022

      Where is the best country to live? ›

      • Sweden. #1 in Quality of Life. #5 in Best Countries Overall. ...
      • Denmark. #2 in Quality of Life. #10 in Best Countries Overall. ...
      • Canada. #3 in Quality of Life. ...
      • Switzerland. #4 in Quality of Life. ...
      • Norway. #5 in Quality of Life. ...
      • Finland. #6 in Quality of Life. ...
      • Germany. #7 in Quality of Life. ...
      • Netherlands. #8 in Quality of Life.

      Where is the cheapest place to live in the UK? ›

      10 most affordable towns in the UK for 2022
      • Ferryhill, County Durham (£80,400)
      • Stevenston, North Ayreshire (£88, 800)
      • Cumnock, East Ayreshire (£89,400)
      • Peterlee, County Durham (£84, 200)
      • Egremont, Copeland (£120,900)
      • Girvan, South Ayrshire (£105,000)
      • Irvine, North Ayrshire (£102, 100)
      • Millom, Copeland (£131, 500)
      14 Apr 2022

      Where is the best village to live in England? ›

      Discover your perfect property:
      • Lavenham, Suffolk. This must be one of Britain's finest villages, and at this time of the year it has a full calendar of activity. ...
      • Ilmington, Cotswolds. ...
      • West Somerton, Norfolk. ...
      • Finchingfield, Essex. ...
      • Beddgelert, North Wales. ...
      • Shaftesbury, Dorset. ...
      • Hambledon, Hampshire. ...
      • Rye, East Sussex.

      Where is the most friendly place to live? ›

      The 10 Friendliest Cities in the U.S.
      1. Greenville, South Carolina.
      2. Alexandria, Virginia. ...
      3. San Juan, Puerto Rico. ...
      4. San Antonio, Texas. ...
      5. Charleston, South Carolina. ...
      6. Key West, Florida. ...
      7. Santa Fe, New Mexico. ...
      8. New Orleans. ...
      9 Feb 2022

      Why do you want to live in UK? ›

      Culture. On top of the amazing history at your fingertips, upon moving to the UK, you'll be on the doorstep of some of the top museums, best music, and even greatest sports teams in the world. The UK is also a well-known melting pot, which makes for a unique and exciting place to explore.

      Is life easy in UK? ›

      The Better Life Index has described the UK as one of the best among developed countries for quality of life.

      Why do people move to UK? ›

      Migrants' reasons for moving to the UK are usually classified into four main categories: work, study, family, and asylum or refugee resettlement.

      Which city in UK has lowest crime rate? ›

      England and Wales have an average crime rate of 7760 per 100,000, Scotland 4510 per 100,000 and Northern Ireland 49.8 per 100,000.
      The Top 12 Safest Places in the UK
      1. Bath. Image Credit: trangdang0310, Pixabay. ...
      2. York. Image Credit: eduardovieiraphoto, Pixabay. ...
      3. Telford. ...
      4. Aberdeen. ...
      5. Derby. ...
      6. Swindon. ...
      7. Swansea. ...
      8. Edinburgh.
      6 Sept 2022

      Which part of UK is safe? ›

      The Shetlands boast one of the lowest crime rates in the UK. In fact, a mere 452 crimes in total were reported here during the whole of 2020-2021. They remain one of the most desirable (and safest) places for escaping the pressures of mainland living.

      Where in the UK has the lowest crime rate? ›

      The lowest crime rate in England was in the relatively rural area of Wiltshire in South West England, with a crime rate of 55.8.
      Crime rate per 1,000 population in England and Wales in 2021/22, by police force area.
      CharacteristicCrime rate per thousand population
      11 more rows
      21 Jul 2022

      Where is the best place to raise a family? ›

      Best Places to Raise a Family
      Overall RankCityTotal Score
      1Fremont, CA73.05
      2Overland Park, KS71.72
      3Irvine, CA68.43
      4Plano, TX67.53
      48 more rows
      31 May 2022

      Where is the cheapest place to live? ›

      Here are the top 10 cheapest places to live; you can access the full list here.
      • Fort Wayne, Indiana.
      • Wichita Falls, Texas.
      • Brownsville, Texas.
      • South Bend, Indiana.
      • Dayton, Ohio.
      • Toledo, Ohio.
      • Evansville, Indiana.
      • Buffalo, New York.
      28 Jul 2022

      Where is the best place to retire? ›

      Best Retirement Cities
      Overall RankCityTotal Score
      1Charleston, SC58.97
      2Orlando, FL58.23
      3Cincinnati, OH57.88
      4Miami, FL57.37
      54 more rows
      6 Sept 2022

      Which city is easy to get job UK? ›

      Top 20 UK Cities to Get a Job as a Fresh Graduate Other than London
      RankCitiesLeisure and Culture
      16 more rows
      29 Jul 2022

      Where is the easiest place to get a job in the UK? ›

      Oxfordshire is the easiest place in the UK to find a local job, while jobseekers in places in Scotland and Wales struggle the most, according to new data released by the world's largest job site, Indeed.
      The 10 easiest places in the UK to get a local job.
      1North Ayrshire
      3Rhondda, Cynon, Taf
      6 more rows
      5 Mar 2020

      Which area in UK has most job opportunities? ›

      The job increases in Milton Keynes and Inner London are expected to be almost as great. Other names in the top 10 cities where employment will grow in 2022 include Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Cardiff.

      Is UK expensive to live? ›

      However, the cost of living in the UK can be higher than in most other countries in the world. The average cost of living as a family of four is around $3,135(£2,268) without house rent. As a single person or student, the estimated cost of living per month in the UK is $900(£651) without rent.

      Is UK safe to live? ›

      IS THE UK SAFE? The United Kingdom is generally a safe place to live. In terms of crime per 1,000 people, England and Wales rank 36th out of 193 countries. This means that the UK is safer than most countries in the world.

      How can I survive in UK? ›

      Top 10 Tips for Survival in the UK for International Students
      1. Improve Your Fluency in English. ...
      2. Connect to Groups and Communities. ...
      3. Search for an Affordable Accommodation. ...
      4. Open a Bank Account: ...
      5. Look for a Part-Time Job. ...
      6. Learn About the Transport System. ...
      7. Be Open to Weather Challenges. ...
      8. Explore the Country.
      6 Apr 2022

      Which is the best place in world? ›

      World's Best Places to Visit
      • South Island, New Zealand.
      • Paris.
      • Maui.
      • Bora Bora.
      • Tahiti.
      • London.
      • Rome.
      • Turks & Caicos.

      What is the No 1 city in the world? ›

      Overall, Edinburgh, Scotland was named the best city in the world.

      Is London best place to live? ›

      Without a doubt, London is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Before making the big move, do your research and ask people who have lived there.

      Where is the cheapest safest place to live? ›

      10 of the cheapest and safest places to live in the world
      • Albania.
      • Portugal.
      • Costa Rica.
      • Panama.
      • Mexico.
      • Thailand.
      • Malaysia.
      • Vietnam.

      What is the best city for a single woman to live in? ›

      Best Cities for Singles
      Overall RankCityDating Opportunities
      1Madison, WI2
      2Seattle, WA4
      3Portland, OR14
      4Denver, CO5
      65 more rows
      29 Nov 2021

      How can I live without a job or money? ›

      Let's take a look at some of the more popular ways to live without a traditional job:
      1. Make Money Renting on Airbnb.
      2. Invest in the Stock Market.
      3. Freelancing.
      4. Pet Sitting.
      5. Travel Blogging.
      6. Earn a Pension.
      7. Become a Landlord.
      8. High Yield Savings Accounts.

      Which country is No 1 in world? ›

      The overall ranking of Best Countries measure global performance on a variety of metrics. Switzerland is the best country in the world for 2022.

      Which country is the richest? ›

      Luxembourg. Known for high-income levels and a low unemployment rate, Luxembourg is the richest country in the world. While its inflation rate rose to 6.8% in August, 2022, its wealth stays stable.

      Which country is best for study? ›

      The Top Countries for Studying Abroad
      • United States. #1 in Study Abroad Rankings. ...
      • United Kingdom. #2 in Study Abroad Rankings. ...
      • France. #3 in Study Abroad Rankings. ...
      • Italy. #4 in Study Abroad Rankings. ...
      • Spain. #5 in Study Abroad Rankings. ...
      • Japan. #6 in Study Abroad Rankings. ...
      • Canada. #7 in Study Abroad Rankings. ...
      • Germany.

      Which city has cheapest houses in UK? ›

      The town with the cheapest house prices in the UK

      Taking the top spot with the most affordable house prices in the UK so far in 2022 (and for the second year in a row) is the unassuming North East railway town of Shildon in County Durham, which offers a very affordable average house price of £80,299.

      Where is the cheapest house rent in UK? ›

      The numbers have been crunched across the whole of the UK – here are the cheapest places to rent.
      Cheapest places to rent in London.
      Area in LondonAverage Asking Rent (pcm)Average Asking Rent for 1-Bedroom Flat (pcm)
      2. Havering£1,297£863
      3. Croydon£1,219£917
      4. Barking and Dagenham£1,260£999
      6 more rows
      15 Nov 2021

      Where is the warmest place in the UK? ›

      Hottest Places in the UK. The Isles of Scilly have the highest mean annual temperature in the UK of 11.5 degrees Celsius (52.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Not far behind are coastal parts of Cornwall, where many low-elevation sites average above 11 °C (52 °F).

      Where is the most beautiful village in England? ›

      Bibury was once described by William Morris as “the most beautiful village in England” and it's easy to see why. The typical Cotswolds village is home to Arlington Row, one of the most photographed locations in the country, if not the world.

      What is the most beautiful town in England? ›

      Castle Combe, Wiltshire

      No one can argue its reputation as "the prettiest town in England." Bursting with charm in the form of perfectly preserved houses built with honey-colored Cotswold stone and narrow laneways lined with fresh blooms, Castle Combe also tops the list of the best villages in the Cotswolds.

      Which country has the nicest people? ›

      • New Zealand. #1 in Friendly. #11 in Best Countries Overall. ...
      • Spain. #2 in Friendly. #16 in Best Countries Overall. ...
      • Italy. #3 in Friendly. #14 in Best Countries Overall. ...
      • Greece. #4 in Friendly. #25 in Best Countries Overall. ...
      • Canada. #5 in Friendly. ...
      • Netherlands. #6 in Friendly. ...
      • Australia. #7 in Friendly. ...
      • Norway. #8 in Friendly.

      What city is the easiest to make friends? ›

      From strangers to best friends: US cities where connections are easily made
      • Austin, TX. This quirky Texas city has so many adult meetup groups that it is hard to find a similar place in the US. ...
      • Milwaukee, WI. ...
      • Washington, DC. ...
      • New Orleans, LA. ...
      • Pittsburgh, PA. ...
      • Charleston, SC.
      14 Jun 2022

      What is a friendly city? ›

      A friendly city encourages healthy aging by optimizing resources to improve the health, safety, and inclusion of older people in the community.

      Is it worth living in the UK 2022? ›

      While a decent salary is an important reason to immigrate to the United Kingdom, the cost of living can be a drawback. In 2022 the UK is experiencing a “cost of living crisis”. Brought on by Brexit, COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine inflation is at its highest rate in 40 years.

      Which city in UK has lowest crime rate? ›

      England and Wales have an average crime rate of 7760 per 100,000, Scotland 4510 per 100,000 and Northern Ireland 49.8 per 100,000.
      The Top 12 Safest Places in the UK
      1. Bath. Image Credit: trangdang0310, Pixabay. ...
      2. York. Image Credit: eduardovieiraphoto, Pixabay. ...
      3. Telford. ...
      4. Aberdeen. ...
      5. Derby. ...
      6. Swindon. ...
      7. Swansea. ...
      8. Edinburgh.
      6 Sept 2022

      Where is the lowest crime rate in UK? ›

      The lowest crime rate in England was in the relatively rural area of Wiltshire in South West England, with a crime rate of 55.8.

      Where is the cheapest and nicest place to live in UK? ›

      For the third year running, the town of Shildon in County Durham retains pole position as the most affordable town in the UK, with an average house price of £71,000.
      The UK's most affordable areas to live in 2022.
      Local AuthorityCounty Durham
      Average property value£71,000
      Combined average salary of two local buyers£62,500
      9 more columns
      12 Apr 2022

      Is UK good place to live? ›

      The UK is home to some of the best places in the world to raise a family. The country has a high quality education system, relatively low crime rate and plenty of job opportunities all over. Our top picks to raise a family are Oxford, Cambridge, Southampton, Reading, Manchester, Edinburgh and even London.

      How can I move to England without a job? ›

      Can I Move to the UK Without a Job?
      1. UK Ancestry Visa. You can apply for a visa if you meet the general eligibility criteria, and you can prove that one of your grandparents was born in the UK, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man. ...
      2. British National Overseas Visa. ...
      3. Investor Visa. ...
      4. Global Talent Visa.

      Is UK a good place to immigrate? ›

      The UK has a long history of immigration which contributes to the diversity of its population. This is especially evident in the make-up of its major cities such as London, Manchester and Edinburgh. This means expats will be able to connect with many people who have similar experiences of moving overseas.

      What part of UK is the safest? ›

      The top 10 safest places to live in the UK
      • Cumbria. 65.62 crimes per 1000 people. ...
      • West Mercia. 65.31 crimes per 1000 people. ...
      • Devon and Cornwall. 56.29 crimes per 1000 people. ...
      • Surrey. 53.91 crimes per 1000 people. ...
      • North Yorkshire. 52.73 crimes per 1000 people. ...
      • Wiltshire. 52.17 crimes per 1000 people. ...
      • Aberdeen City.
      24 Jun 2022

      What is the safest place in the UK? ›

      North Yorkshire, England

      As a result, the city of North Yorkshire was determined to be the safest in all of England and Wales. This is noted by a crime rate of 49.9 crimes per 1,000 people, which is the lowest in those two countries of the UK.

      What is the roughest city in the UK? ›

      The Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In England And Wales (Updated For 2022)
      • Durham – 92.3. ...
      • North Wales – 96.2. ...
      • Kent – 96.8. ...
      • Humberside – 98.3. ...
      • South Yorkshire – 105.0. ...
      • Merseyside – 115.6. ...
      • West Midlands- 123.0. ...
      • Greater Manchester – 124.3.
      11 Sept 2022

      Where is the safest place to live? ›

      Top 20 Safest Countries in the World (2022 Global Peace Index — lower is better):
      • Iceland — 1.107.
      • New Zealand — 1.269.
      • Ireland — 1.288.
      • Denmark — 1.296.
      • Austria — 1.300.
      • Portugal — 1.301.
      • Slovenia — 1.316.
      • Czech Republic — 1.318.

      How safe is UK to live? ›

      Overall, the UK is considered a safe country to travel to. Even traveller sites deem the UK as a very safe country. However, the only main issue tourists should take note of is the high pickpocketing levels in the UK streets. Remember, low crime doesn't mean no crime.

      Which city in UK has more job opportunities? ›

      London is undoubtedly the UK city that offers more career opportunities.

      Where is the best place to live with family? ›

      Best Places to Raise a Family
      Overall RankCityTotal Score
      1Fremont, CA73.05
      2Overland Park, KS71.72
      3Irvine, CA68.43
      4Plano, TX67.53
      48 more rows
      31 May 2022


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